Series of photograph, 2007 - 18

The series of photographs resembles the energy-sucking nature of last centuries faulty economic growth oriented civilization. The visuals are now prominent  in everywhere. It is like a very depressive attitude as if we are reaching to the last civilization on this globe. The development priorities are set to consume energy from nature and the elements of nature (including human) are becoming objects. Human are trapped to pass a life with consumption in exchange of individuals creative energy. There is a fancy  alarm situation that drive us towards faulty competition and growth.

The photographs carries a peculiar kind of loneliness.  A forced isolation from basic bonding with surroundings. We are becoming absolutely alone . The inter-connectivity is breaking among objects-animals and human. No cohesion is driving us to anywhere. A silent chaos of visuals. Most of the human in the photographs are represented as figure or shape without no spirit within. Some of them is like a post-war series of a place with a odor of death. As if the visuals are under a giant shadow of scavenger. Non-organic particles are replacing organic spirits. The vital organism of the world is dying because of separated analytical approach.

On the other hand, the visuals are very inspirational to micro-level. They inspires to live. Like a glimpse of beauty. A path that evidences human-nature-objects are still holding energy to their separated level and collectively they are re-organizing  with the shifted reality. A drive that balances among all energies to one equation.

In other perspective, the series is a kind of fairy-tale from an individual. Creation of knowledge means some knowing which does not exist earlier at all. But, market economy (all existing economical diagram in some extent) emphasizes production where it defines what to produce, whom to produce and how to produce. In this scenario, creation of knowledge is not possible. So, artist always suffers from scarcity of elements (new knowledge) to create. Market also discourages any creativity that could function directly against its mechanism. That is why artist who develop fundamental understandings to create new things are always keep isolated. They create only for future. Their works apparently have no utility (if judged from existing market parameter). And thus, artist are in a way cursed. But, they always on creations to live, to make a reality -where oneself can breathe -This series in that sense, An another chapter of fairy-tale.

Written by Jubaier Alam Roman


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