Mythic Structure *Series of ‘BUILDING” painting, 2018 onwards


4 AM / mixed media on canvas / 150 cm x 116 cm / 2018

This story is basically a story like as the records that are made out of the substances of ordinary everyday presence. People, in fact, make many short stories. The stories that don't have a prompt relationship with reality, in any case, those records make collaboration to comprehend reality.

This work of art is a story, which is the last bit of the night and the early bit of the day, which does not completely portray the night nor the day. Numerous years back, one of my relatives gave me exhortation with his story from his own understanding. Toward the night's end and the start of the day is a period when people consistently talk reality and can't lie I tried to keep the story alive through this painting.



window / mixed media on canvas / 169 cm x 105 cm / 2018

This composition is a window. The windows that look similar to the two-sided features, but they are different in the forms. The painting is divided into three parts: the internal part, the centre part demonstrating the window and the external part. Much related to architecture. As indicated by the principles, there are two sides of the windows. Through the window, we look outside the house or look inside the house. The window then plays the role of a kind of media.

This painting is a type of media that creates an environment of the whole feature of the window. What's more, the environment is as fluid correspondence, with dreams and imaginations.



sun / mixed media on canvas / 168 cm x 112 cm / 2018

This composition has been shaped from a landscape viewpoint. Seeing from the top and seeing from the base and making these two perspectives all the while making an equitable perspective. Make a landscape of a general inclination about the experience of transforming the visual into a psychological ordeal.

The name of this work is the sun. By describing the sunlight, emphasize the narrative of hot creation. Light and warm these two segments I've taken a stab at observing independently for a little while. Trying to portray Chris Cornell's song (Our Time in the Universe) by Structure. Painting is specifically framed by the impact of the lyrics. Just like the roles of a mirror. For example, two lines from the song's lyrics -

See it unfold no matter the means.

See it fold up, whatever happens to be.



winter / mixed media on canvas / 120 cm x 145 cm / 2018

This work has been made about topics related to nature and talks about how to make the exceptionally differentiating picture. The structure of this image is seen as a constant growth. Which resembles summer arrangement. However, this depiction is named winter.

There was a scene in Alive (1993) Movie that the depiction was made from the impact of these two occurrences eating dead bodies to survive in the cold winter and everyone was looking forward to the summer.