These works are tied in to thinking about my twofold self, one part deals with construction and other instruction. It is a schizophrenic circumstance and vertiginous development, that partakes in the middle of spaces; like strolling in the maze. The installation deals with metacognition, processing thinking about thinking.

My paintings have arranged someplace in the middle of position and circumstance, within a human mind. The sculpture is about this structure of reasoning and it has appeared in a form of it negative. In the meantime, it seems like a mathematical image and furthermore sports and war, similar to two teams affronting one another. It discusses systems, where the genuine shape is undetectable. The sculpture is represented outside and inside at the same time.

Parallel vienna 2017 , Gallery Statements : Krinzinger Projekte (Solo project)

Photo: Krinzinger Projekte

construct, instruct, OR (c) shuvo rafiqul 10 .jpg
Photo: Sophia Patzer

Photo: Sophia Patzer